We’ve been in business since 1978 and have accumulated around twenty years of experience in the supply of special units constructed strictly to customers’ design specifications.

We started to design and market our first tool magazines in or around the year 2000, proceeding through time to include new models which led to important new capabilities in the application sector.

Our modular construction and our use of automation have enabled us to develop an endless line of new solutions, of growing levels of complexity and efficiency, intended to meet the increasingly sophisticated demands of our customers.


We are continuing in our constant research and collaboration with the most reliable and advanced suppliers to meet a vast range of market demands.

We have installed automated warehouses for both raw materials and finished components, allowing us to fulfill orders for standardized models with exceptional rapidity.

We’ve bolstered our production capacity with the recent purchase of new machines; production activities are mainly conducted on our 6,000 m2 site, which includes 2,700 m2 of covered floor space and extension capabilities.


Our goal is to continue with ongoing research and development of new products, designed to reflect precisely the evolutionary changes that have occurred on the reference market.

The sales division reorganization, which is currently in progress, is aimed at increasing our direct penetration of foreign markets.

We look ahead with optimism, secure in the knowledge that we have the resources and skills we need to build the future as we see fit.

The most alluring challenges are those that have yet to arrive, so we look forward to facing them with dynamic and future-focused companies like yours.